This Week’s Reads

It’s a holiday week, so I’ve just one book for you today before I sneak off to eat pie.

Saladin Ahmed’s Throne of the Crescent Moon
Secondary World Fantasy, In Progress
Doctor Adoulla is an old man, but as the last real ghul hunter in Dhamsawaat, he’s honor bound to continue his work. With the rising threat of a powerful ghul-raiser, Adoulla must gather the energy to survive and lead forward his devout apprentice and a vengeful orphan.

Throne of the Crescent Moon‘s style isn’t engaging my interest as much as I would like. It does paint a clear picture of Adoulla’s brass nature, Raseed’s unwavering and sometimes stupid devotion, and Zamia’s beast-like nature. The descriptions of the city are also frequent and detailed, but it doesn’t have the poetic grace that I have become so attached to in other works. The book does take some time to get going, which I think stems from the fact that it want to ensure that you are well settled into the world, it’s language, and its politics first. That said, once the pacing picks up about a third of the way in, the story rolls along very smoothly. The middle isn’t particularly rife with action, but what action there is well balanced with Adoulla’s battle between giving up and struggling onward until he figures out how to beat what appears to be an unbeatable opponent (not to mention the emotional stress created by the danger poised against the city he loves so dearly).

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